Is The Weeknd the New Prince of Pop

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The Weeknd just took Justin Bieber‘s position as Prince of Pop! Abel has recently passed Bieber in terms of Spotify listenership, and this puts him ahead of the latter.

The Weeknd has over 85.6 million monthly listeners on the music app, making him the most popular artist on the service.The monthly Spotify listens are a big increase over where we seen Justin Bieber at this time last year (85.6m vs 83.3m).


The big increase of course is due to the recent release of the album Dawn FM featuring the hot single “Take My Breath“.

When it comes to the Prince of Pop, some argue that The Weeknd has a bit more work to do because Justin has an all-time high Spotify record that no one has been able to match just yet.

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After peaking at 94.6 million listeners at one point during his reign and surpassing TW’s average monthly listenership, it appears that Justin Bieber may possess the ultimate title.

But who’s to say The Weeknd can’t get there on his own? As we all know, it’s the darkest immediately before the sun comes up.

About The Weeknd

The Weeknd is the stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. Tesfaye’s music covers themes of escapism, romanticism, and melancholy, and is frequently influenced by his own life experiences.

The Weekend Take My Breath Music Video

If you have not heard the lead single from Dawn FM, check out the video below.

About Justin Bieber

A Canadian musician by the name of Justin Drew Bieber, he was born in 1989. Scooter Braun, the American record entrepreneur, discovered him and signed him to his label, RBMG Records, in 2008, shortly after which he released his debut EP, My World, which quickly made him a teen idol in the United States.

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