Machine Gun Kelly Proves He Should Stick to Music As NBA All-Star Intro Bombs

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During the weekend of the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, Machine Gun Kelly returned to Cleveland, Ohio, to participate in all things all star. Before the major event on Sunday night, one of those things was to introduce the All-Star teams. To say it nicely, we expect it did not go as planned. and  Twitter had a negative opinions on the introduction as well.

MGK, decked out in a rhinestone-encrusted sweater and pantsuit. Cleveland’s hard-working citizens were thanked and told to make some noise by him, and they obliged.

From there, everything went downhill. He made a self-deprecating remark about his hoop skills and his attire, stating,

“All right look, I’m not a great basketball… OK, I’m not even a good basketball player, but I did steal all of the Infinity Stones from Thanos, so LeBron, if you need me, I can probably sink something from half-court while I’m wearing this tonight. Just let me know, I’ll be happy to step out.”

You could tell he was looking for a round of laughter but the joke totally bombed and nothing but dead silence from the crowd. After that, he finished up and Twitter went crazy with comments and memes.

On the other hand, we at least was able to enjoy Megan Fox over the weekend. Kelly’s new fiance (did you see that ring) dazzled and managed to make even a pant suit and flannel shirt look sexy.

Prior to the botched All-Star introduction speech, MGK participated in the Celebrity Game during All-Star Weekend, which featured Jack Harlow, Myles Garrett, and others. When it came to Garrett, he was a formidable opponent. While MGK watches on, he does some in-your-face dishonor, and then participates in some harsh talk with him.

What were your thoughts on the festivities over the weekend?

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