Kate Beckinsale So Hot in Fierce Leggy Display

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It wasn’t the space in her Los Angeles mansion that stole the show for Kate Beckinsale on Friday, but rather her attire.

When the Guilty Party actress posed in a stunning black gown… on top of her washing machine, her social media followers got a treat.

When Kate posted an Instagram picture of herself perched on the washer-dryer, she wore a pair of patent, black platform shoes.

“Always nice to complete at least a woolen cycle before leaving the house,” the actress said in the caption of the Instagram image.

There was some confusion as to why she kept a microwave next to her washing machine, but that was quickly overshadowed by their first impressions of her looks.

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Once again Kate’s recent poolside photoshoot has sent the Internet abuzz with speculation about her personal style.

Finally she mixed up her look once again in a fierce pose featuring white lace and legs for days.

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