gay pornstar Bennett Anthony and Luke Harding

A year has passed since gay pornstar Bennett Anthony found Luke Adams one night on his honeymoon, and they haven’t seen each other since. This site has follow Bennett back to the city full of sin and ‘Drill My Hole’ show us all the fantastic times ahead.
Bennett and his wife have split up and Bennett goes in search for the only man he has had sex with before. He even moves his job back to the city, and on his first night, he tries to find Luke Adams. He can only find one Luke on the internet so thinking it is his Luke, he sends him a private message telling him he owes him some time. Bennett lays back on the bed with just a towel around him showing off his muscular chest and tattoos and waits for the knock at the door. His cock is rock hard under the towel as he waits with eager anticipation.
There is a knock on the door at long last and Bennett opens the door to find a different Luke standing in from of him. His name is Luke Harding, and he is drop dead gorgeous. Bennett tries to tell him that its not him he wants, and that he has made a mistake. Luke Harding doesn’t think so, he moves forward and kisses Bennett on his soft pink lips.
Bennett-AnthonyLuke pushes Bennett on to the bed and as his hands go under Bennett’s towel to feel his hard cock and handing ball sack, he leans over and they kiss passionately once more. Bennett’s breathing gets deeper as Luke strokes his hard cock in the palm of this hand as they kiss. He sits up and goes down Bennett’s body and takes Bennett’s cock between his lips, and down the back of his slutty little throat. Bennett gasps out, and as Luke sucks on his ginger cock, he squeezes, and massages Bennett’s balls in the palm of his hand.
Luke then gets down and onto his back, he lifts his legs up and spreads them wide in an open invitation to Bennett. Bennett can’t move quick enough, he loves eating a good tight asshole. Bennett lays on his front, he can feel the hard mattress below him as he grinds his aching cock into it whilst he darts his eager tongue in and out of Luke’s slutty asshole. Luke sighs with pleasure as his body tingles all over as Bennet gets his asshole all wet and ready for his cock.

Luke begs for Bennett to fuck him when he feels his asshole dripping with Bennett’s spit. Bennett kneels between Luke’s spread legs and Bennett thrusts his cock deep into his tight and hot asshole. The camera zooms in and we get a great shot of Bennett’s cock buried deep up to his balls up Luke’s tight crack. They rut like a couple of rabbits on heat as they fuck and suck all over the bed and in different exciting positions.
Sweat pours down their hot bodies and as Luke Harding sits on top of Bennett’s cock, his cum zooms out and splashes across Bennett’s face and all over his fiery red beard. Bennett Anthony sits with his balls resting against Luke’s wet cock and jerks his cock franticly until his hot cum blast out over Luke’s mouth and chin.
Bennett Anthony has flaming red hair and bright blue eyes and is a very striking figure. He has a powerful body covered in fantastic tattoos. He is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock, Red hair, blue eyes, and is five feet eight inches tall. Bennett has starred in thirty seven hardcore movies for this website and was excellent in ‘Pretty Boy’ as a high class hooker on the streets.